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Corentec Spine Division offers a broad portfolio of products that is influenced by a single philosophy: offer high-quality products that help surgeons improve the quality of a patient’s life.

We are focused on delivering solutions to treat complex disorders of the spine. We provide the products necessary to achieve successful outcomes.

Features of the Lospa® IS™ Spinal System

  • Screw system
    • Self-tapping screw
    • Cylindrical Core, Conical Tip
    • Reverse Buttress Thread Locking Mechanism
  • ACP system
    • Optimized plate design
      • Thickness 2.2mm, Width 18mm, Waist 15mm
    • Unique window design allows for optimal visualization
    • Sliding door locking mechanism provides low profile and visual confirmation

Lospa® IS™ System Cervical

Corentec provides a cervical cage and ACP (Anterior Cervical Plate) to stabilize the pathologically unstable segment and support bone growth.

Lospa® IS™ System Thoracolumbar

Corentec provides a spinal fixation system and three types of cages for thoracolumbar surgical replacement.

Lospa® IS™ System Spinal Deformity

The objectives of surgery for spinal deformity are multiple and contingent based on underlying pathology, disease severity, and patient comorbidities.
Universal goals include deformity correction, prevention of curve progression, maximum preservation of motion, and safe, pain-free function

Lospa® IS™ System Minimally Invasive

Corentec provides two types of system for minimally invasive surgery. The spinal fixation system is designed to minimize soft tissue trauma and Oblique Lateral Interbody Fusion (Obl-La™ ) system allows for placement of large interbody graft into the disc space while minimizing the nerve, muscle, and bone obstacles

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