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Lospa® Modular Knee System

Corentec’s Lospa Modular Knee System for revision knee replacement is available in eleven sizes, each of which consists of femoral and tibial components. The femoral component features a wide radius with a posterior condyle thickness of 10 mm, balancing contact stress with bone conservation. The size of the anteroposterior box of the femoral component is comparable to other commercially available products. The single radius design of the femoral component provides ligament isometry and muscle force efficiency. Its deep, elongated and laterally-angled patellar groove allows for optimal patellar tracking. The tibial component’s 3° posterior slope helps prevent anterior cortex impingement. The polyethylene liner boasts a full peripheral capture snap-fit locking mechanism.

Design Info : Femoral Component

  • Stem housing angle: 6°

    : The modular femoral component has a stem housing that is tilted 6° laterally.

    Stem housing position

    : 35% from anterior

    AP stability with more conforming articular surface

  • Constrained Motion

Design Info : Tibial Component

  • Heightened post

    : For better stability during the entire knee motion, the post height is designed higher than the Lospa Primary Knee System.

    Concaved post design

    : The posterior part of the post is concavely curved. After cam-post engagement at 75 degrees of flexion, the cam travels down the post. This reduces the risk of the dislocation and allows for deep flexion with joint stability.

  • Baseplate - Insert locking

    : Full peripheral capture

    - reduces micro motion

    : Locking rod

    - reinforces fixation

  • Stem Length

  • Stem housing position : 35% from anterior



: Lospa Modular Knee System has two types of the Augment : Block and Choren Pad.


: complementing bone deficits

Choren Pad (Correct Height Orientation Renovation)

: correcting unbalanced knee joint

- Thickness: 2, 3mm - Cement fixation

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