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Our Mission

Our commitment to excellence in education and research

A key ingredient of our culture is our commitment to education and training. We are committed to supporting and providing excellent orthopedic education through hands-on training, national and international societies, fellowship training programs, didactic trainings and interactive meetings. As the world of Orthopedics changes we change with the market needs to bring world class education on the latest advances and new techniques in orthopedics.

Corentec is actively involved in Orthopedic medical research with multiple projects teamed with leaders in the field of Orthopedics. These clinical studies will lead to the improvement of patient outcomes and orthopedic care.

- Jaclyn Feula, Global Director Medical Education and Training -

Medical Training Courses

  • Corentec is committed to enhancing surgeon knowledge of Corentec products and advances in hip and knee arthroplasty through hands-on training programs.
    Corentec has extensive training opportunities in a hands-on environment through cadaveric based training as well as a didactic setting with our world class faculty.
    • Schedule a course: Jacklyn Feula,
  • Corentec is hosting an educational activity that allows you to visit one of our faculty members in their respective clinical environment.
  • During the visit, you will be able to observe surgical procedures, interact with the surgical and clinical team in the hospital or ASC? The surgeons will dedicate time to you during your visit to discuss their care protocols, -that includes the implementation of outpatient TJA, and various other aspects of care that includes prevention of complications such as infection and pain management.
    These visits provide a unique opportunity to interact with your peers.
    • Schedule your visit: Jacklyn Feula,
  • As Corentec is committed to enhancing surgeon knowledge, we are just as committed to enhancing the knowledge of our sales force.
  • Through our train-the-trainer programs members of the sales force will be allowed to visit one of our faculty members in their clinical environment.
    The sales force will observe live surgery and interact with the entire OR team while learning the latest Corentec techniques. 
    • Schedule a training: Jacklyn Feula,
  • The information on this page is intended only for medical professionals. It should not be used as a substitute for healthcare visits.
  • Trademarks apssearing on the website are owned, licensed and distributed by Corentec, Inc.
Medical Education Contact
  • Jaclyn Feula
  • Global Director of Medical
    Education & Training