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Corentec was founded in 2000, originated from the needs of orthopedic surgeons.

Over the years, Corentec has positioned itself as a leader in joint arthroplasty in South Korea. To date, we continue to look for ways to constantly develop innovative solutions of joint arthroplasty for patients and medical needs around the world.

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Overseas sales exceeded $10million

Corentec announced that the company is achieving great performances in overseas markets. Corentec achieves overseas sales at $10million results from overseas market expansion including the US.

Dec 1 2016

The Rothman Institute and Corentec launch the next generation artificial joint development team

Corentec, Inc. has teamed up with the Rothman Institute, a US based leading orthopedic care services provider and for the development of next generation artificial joints.

Corentec will also be advised on surgical instruments through the development team and consultation.

Feb 1 2016

FDA & CE Approval for Spine System

Corentec announces the approval of FDA and CE for is spine system - LOSPA IS. This approval will accelerate the company’s strategy to provide “total solution in artificial joints” in the US and Europe.

Oct 1 2015

Started Exporting to China

Corentec started exporting orthopedic implants to China from the end of 2014 and already achieved sales at $2 million from the beginning year. The company received CFDA approvals for hip and knee system in 2013.

Jan 1 2015

Received the 2014 Presidential Award

On 13 Nov, Corentec received “The Presidential Award” at the Korea Technology Award. The award is hosted by Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology that selects and awards new, progressive technologies in all industrial fields.

Nov 1 2014

Corentec Acquires InssTek

To expand its solution for orthopedic implants, Corentec acquires a metal 3D printing company, InssTek, Inc. Through the acquisition, Corentec will expand its orthopedic implant solutions by applying 3D printing technology.

Feb 1 2014

CFDA Approval for Hip and Knee System

Corentec announces that the company received an approval from China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) for its hip (BENCOX) and knee (LOSPA) system for orthopedic replacement.

Aug 1 2013

Listed on KOSDAQ

Corentec was listed on KOSDAQ (Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotation) on 5 Mar. From 2000 our business platform-including employees, facilities, and R&D capabilities have grown steadily.

Mar 1 2013

FDA and CE approve LOSPA for Hip Replacement

Corentec receives FDA and CE clearance for LOSPA- total knee replacement. This approval demonstrates Corentec’s commitment to approving innovative orthopedic implants for patients with knee injury & disease.

May 1 2012

Corentec Co., Ltd. Launches Corentec America, Inc.

Corentec is now offering its orthopedic products in the U.S. with the launch of Corentec America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the company. The U.S. office will market Corentec’s growing portfolio of innovative artificial hip and knee joint replacement products and spine implants to serve orthopedic implant market in the US.

Oct 1 2011

FDA Clears Corentec Hip System

Corentec received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance to market the Bencox Hip System in the United States. The Bencox Hip System is intended for cementless use in total or partial hip arthroplasty in primary or revision surgery for patients.

Oct 1 2011

Received the Otto Aufranc Award at AAOS

Corentec’s founding surgeons presented a scientific paper that received the "The Otto Aufranc Award" at AAOS in 2010. The paper (Title: “Enhanced Biocompatibility of Stainless Steel Implant by Titanium Coating and Micro-arc Oxidation”) focused on Corentec's highly unique and patented surface treatment technology, containing calcium and phosphate, the natural building blocks of bones, to enhance and maximize bone on-growth.

Oct 1 2010

MFDS Approval for the Knee System

Jul 1 2010

CE Clears the Bencox Hip System

Corentec received CE approval for its hip replacement system-Bencox®, which offers a wide choice of primary and revision cups for total hip replacement. Product extensions for spinal and knee implants are also in the development pipeline for the European healthcare market.

Dec 1 2009

MFDS and CE clear for implants system

Corentec receives that it has received Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) approval for Bencox® Hip System. Along with this approval, CE approved the spinal implants - LOSPA® IS. By this approval, pre-commercial market and clinical research will commence immediately, with commercial launch plans to be announced subsequently.

Dec 1 2006

Corentec receives ISO 13485 certification

Corentec becomes the first orthopedic implants manufacturing company to receive ISO 13485 certificate in South Korea.
Quality and safety play a central role in the manufacture of orthopedic implants and the company supports surgeons and patients in the market by providing qualified products.

Dec 1 2006

Corentec receives GMP certification

Corentec is pleased to announce that we have received GMP certification in accordance with good manufacturing practice standards by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in South Korea. GMP certification will allow us to continue to forge new ground in R&D and safety of orthopedic implants for patients with a diverse range of conditions.

Aug 1 2006

Opening of the R&D and Manufacturing Facility

Corentec has opened the doors of its newest manufacturing facility and R&D center in Cheon-An, South Korea. The newest facility with R&D function initially support all aspects of Corentec’s orthopedic implants development and maintain the manufacturing and distribution to supply to the global market.

Dec 1 2005

MFDS approval for LOSPA® IS

Corentec received approval for LOSPA® IS from the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) for the spinal implants system.

Dec 1 2003

Establishment of Corentec

Corentec Co., Ltd., is formed in Seoul by Dr. Doo Hoon Sun and other renowned orthopedic surgeons affiliated with leading university hospitals. Since the beginning of the company, Corentec 's founders have been steadfast in developing a growing portfolio of advanced artificial hip and knee joint replacement products and spine Implants, which are rapidly becoming recognized across the globe.

May 1 2000
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